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Software development

  • UNIX application programming
  • NetBSD kernel and low level userland programming
  • Development of paralell and distributed applications
  • Physical modelling, numerical simulations
  • Design, development and implementation of network protocols
  • Developmnet of embedded and industrial systems, including no-maintenance ("mostly-read-only") devices
  • Software for research calculations, non-interactive and batch processing of results of research calculations and computer experiments
  • Installation and maintenance of UNIX systems, primarily NetBSD
  • Installation and maintenance of clusters for numerical computations
  • Middleware
  • Development of web-enabled applications and portals
  • Development of tools for non-interactive and batch processing of research data and results of scientific experiments, support for batch typesetting.


Please ask me. Depending your requirements and my current duties, availability may vary betveen several days and several months.

Remote access is heavily preferred. When developing drivers, one device and one hardcopy of complete technical documentation is required.

Travelling: Brno, Czech Rep. and neigbourhood without restriction, rest of Czech Republic and the world only very short term (about 2--3 days; under special circumstances more). Please note that I travel only to sites accessible by train. I DO NOT FLY!

If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail (info@cerno.cz).