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Mgr. Martin Černohorský, Dr.


  • Msc study on Faculty of Sciences, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Rep., diploma thesis in the area of computational chemistry (1987--1992)
  • Ph. D. study on Faculty of Sciences, Masaryk University, Brno, at Laboratory of Computational Chemistry (now National Center for Biomolecular Research) (1992--1998)
  • During 1997--2004 software developer in Supercomputing centre Brno, Masaryk University.
  • Since 2003 independent software consultant and developer


  • Operating environment: UNIX, primarily NetBSD. IRIX, Linux, rudimentary knowledge of VM/CMS.
  • Programming languages:
    • Compiled languages: C, FORTRAN, Pascal, C++
    • Skripting languages: Tcl, awk, sh and friends, php
    • Preprocessors: m4
    • Declarative languages: prolog
    • Assembler: Z80, 8051; rudimentary knowledge of ibm/360
    • Other: basic knowledge of SQL
  • Computer typesetting and internet publishing: LaTeX + METAPOST, Troff, HTML/PHP; basic orientation in PostScript
  • Other: Significant experience with many application tools (among other, for example ImageMagick, POVRAY, gnuplot, sox, mp, octave, rasmol, ...) and with system administration of several UNIX-type operating systems, primarily NetBSD, from embedded and industrial systems to usual internet servers to scientific computing clusters (including appropriate middleware)
  • Spoken languages: My native language is Czech. I can communicate also in both written and spoken English and German.

Scientific publications:

(to be published soon)