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  • Programming in UNIX, portability to UNIX platforms
  • Paralell and distributed applications
  • Scientific computations, non-interactive and batch processing of results of calculations and computer experiments
  • Physical modeling, numerical simulations
  • Installation and maintenance of UNIX systems, primarily NetBSD
  • Installation and maintenance of computing clusters
  • Design, development and implementation of network protocols
  • Non-interactive and batch typesetting and text processing


Please ask me. Very short-term consultation (up to ca. 10 hours) can be usually done in several days, longer projects must be planned in advance.

Remote access is heavily preferred. Travelling: Brno, Czech Rep. and neigbourhood without restriction, rest of Czech Republic and the world only very short term (about 2--3 days; under special circumstances more). Please note that I travel only to sites accessible by train. I DO NOT FLY!

If you have any questions, please contact me via e-mail (info@cerno.cz).